When technology is accessible to all… that’s

Everyday Genius 

Making the digital world accessible to everybody

For most, the internet is an everyday necessity. But some of us need an extra bit of genius to get online and use technology to make life better. For anyone with severe disabilities, connecting car and home, getting the most of social and other media, and generally being in touch, is essential.

A worldwide revolution in perfect home brewing

If you’ve ever tried to make home-brewed wine, cider or vinegar, you’ll know how quickly it can spoil and how hard it is to make the perfect brew. The team at Alchema have come up with a home-brew kit that not only turns the barrel or flask for you every few hours, it monitors those critical levels and tells you when something is about to go wrong.

Creating a robot fish to help predict the weather

Every day we look at the weather forecast and wonder whether it’s right. Examining conditions in the oceans has long been known to yield good results in weather prediction. A team of three at National Taiwan University has harnessed data from ocean currents and sea temperature fluctuations to help predict extreme weather – using a robotic clown fish.

Control your home with just a wave of your hand

Geniuses the world over are working every day to make using a computer more ergonomic, more intuitive and more fun. Four students at National Taiwan University have made the gesture control technology envisaged in sci-fi movies a reality. Their HandTie innovation isn’t just fun – it could make all of us much more productive.