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Everyday Genius 

A worldwide revolution in perfect home brewing

Name: Alchema
Project: Home Brew
Location: Taipei
Technology used: MediaTek LinkIt ONE

If you’ve ever tried to make home-brewed wine, cider or vinegar, you’ll know how quickly it can spoil and how hard it is to make the perfect brew. Making it easy to get right with technology is Everyday Genius. Tiny changes in temperature, pH, or CO2 content can affect how tasty (or not!) the final product is. Properly keeping an eye on those factors used to be difficult, expensive, and very time consuming. The team at Alchema have come up with a home-brew kit that not only turns the barrel or flask for you every few hours, it monitors those critical levels and tells you when something is about to go wrong. Then you can decrease the temperature, or add some more of one ingredient – whatever’s required for the masterful creation of a superb brew.

How does the technology work?

A MediaTek LinkIt ONE board uploads data from five different sensors to the MediaTek cloud Sandbox. There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi onboard, wireless charging (it doesn’t use much electricity anyway), and the data can be read on a smartphone or a tablet.

Why is it so important to so many?

Home brew used to be a bit of a joke. You had to be really obsessive to get it right – and very often it still failed. But with the hassle now removed and perfection made so much easier by inexpensive remote monitoring, who’s to say this won’t create a revolution in high-quality homemade wines, ciders and vinegars all over the world?