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A rented electric scooter revolution for Taoyuan

Name: Meng-Wei
Project: Skuromoto
Location: Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan
In Taiwan, there are 15 million scooters – most of them used every day. The genius idea is for anyone to be able to rent an electric scooter for the day. But three students from Yuan Ze University knew that any solution they came up with would also need to be clean, green and easy to use. Behold the Skuromoto – a rented electric scooter revolution for scooter-mad Taoyuan.

How does the technology work?

An app helps the user find a scooter near where they are, book it, pay for it and use it – without ever having to go to a store. They can also manage the battery remotely, getting over one of the drawbacks of an electric scooter. The Skuromoto is powered by MediaTek’s LinkIt™ ONE platform.

Why is it so important to so many?

In line with any invention these days, you have to be able to run it from a mobile device. It’s safe, green and gives all the flexibility of renting a scooter with none of the hassle. No wonder the Skuromoto team has ambitions to spread their invention around the world.