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Creating a robot fish to help predict the weather

Name: The Mobile Ocean Team
Project: Mobile Ocean Prototype
Location: National Taiwan University, Taipei


Every day we look at the weather forecast and wonder if it’s right. Wouldn’t it be genius to make that forecast more accurate – particularly if the weather’s going to be bad. Examining conditions in the oceans has long been known to yield good results in weather prediction. The difficult thing is collecting the data. A team of three at National Taiwan University has harnessed data from ocean currents and sea temperature fluctuations to help predict extreme weather – using a robotic clown fish.

How does the technology work?

The Mobile Ocean Prototype uses pressure, temperature, bacterial and other sensors to gauge the conditions and how they change over time as it moves through the sea. It transmits the data with GPS data attached to a cloud server via a high-powered Wi-Fi system. It depends on MediaTek’s LinkIt™ solution to knit all these technologies together.

Why is it so important to so many?

All our lives and livelihoods depend on the ability to predict extreme weather events – so when the ocean speaks, we must listen. Governments can make better decisions, warnings can be issued faster, and we can better understand what we are doing to the environment. Accurate weather prediction is important to all of us!