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Everyday Genius 

Making the digital world accessible to everybody

Name: Xabier Amutxastegi
Project: Accessibility Scan App
Location: Limbika Assistive technologies, San Sebastian, Spain
Technology used: MediaTek MT6592 1.7GHz True8Core™ processor


For most, the internet is an everyday necessity. But some of us need an extra bit of genius to get online and use technology to make life better. For anyone with severe disabilities, connecting up car and home, getting the most of social and other media, and generally being in touch, is essential. But it’s also an extra technological challenge. This is Xabier Amutxastegi at Limbika. He works with BQ to make the digital world accessible to everybody – transforming the lives of those with restricted movement.

How does the technology work?

By putting BQ’s device on a bed, table or wheelchair and connecting it to a peripheral device near the most mobile part of the user’s body, the user can work the Accessibility Scan App – a breakthrough technology that depends on the MT6592 1.7GHz True8Core™ processor from MediaTek®.

Why is it so important to so many?

What’s the thing that you would want most if you had restricted movement? Speech technology to give you your voice? Games, videos and photos to satisfy your creativity? Control of your surroundings, like TV, temperature control and other gadgets? Or maybe social media? All of these are made possible by the Accessibility Scan – available as an option on all BQ’s tablets and smartphones soon.