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Measuring heart rate without touching the patient

Name: Yu-Ting, Chen and Tung-Chien, Chen
Project: Non-contact heart-rate monitor
Location: MediaTek Taiwan
Technology used: MediaTek Helio P10 and X20 processors


Remote diagnostics is part of everyday medicine, although there are certain things that can’t be done with a camera. But MediaTek genius means that taking the patient’s heart rate is no longer one of them. We’re all built the same way. The wrist is the best place to find a pulse if your taking it by hand. But forget the finger clamp, everyone has a face – and that’s best for a camera that needs no touching. The team at MediaTek has devised a way of using a smartphone’s camera to capture the minute differences that appear on a patient’s face. When your heart beats and pumps blood around the body, your skin will flush almost imperceptibly. Our visual processing technology can detect these slight color changes on the skin’s surface. The pulse can then be worked out using a sophisticated algorithm, and the result delivered in seconds.

How does the technology work?

A Helio P10 or X20 processor powered smartphone takes the video, and the Visual Processing Application crunches the data. It all runs on MediaTek Helio.

Why is it so important to so many?

Anything that avoids a medical professional having to be in the same room as the patient, or reduces reliance on expensive equipment, is very good news. The Remote Heart Rate Monitor does both. It saves time and money – powering the worldwide revolution in remote diagnostics that’s becoming such a vital part of medicine.